Interior fit-out and styling my Moss Boss Studios, with recycled railway sleeper cladding and green sliding barn door under stairs, custom-made timber tables, feature pot plant, vertical garden and rustic light fitting
MBS warehouse studio space with feature potted plants, vertical garden, custom timber table for meetings and stairs to mezzanine
Custom recycled railway sleeper outdoor showers with copper fixtures and Corten planter boxes
Vertical garden with steps leading to mezzanine floor and rustic recycled corrugated iron cabinet cover
Side-on view of Jay watering the MBS vertical garden

Warehouse Jungle

An industrial treasure-trove





Stretching the limits of square metres, this one-room warehouse is home to a trade workshop, office, kitchen, bathroom, storage, showroom, plant wall, moss wall, and a general hangout area. Awarding each area space and distinction, nothing is cramped – there’s even room for a bath.

Throughout the space you’ll find sourced vintage pieces and MBS-made recycled custom furniture, like our saloon-style doors salvaged from a demolished power plant, and the industrial billiard table light illuminating the large recycled timber table.

Juxtaposing colour and texture with a forest of indoor plants, our signature rustic materials, weathered by natural forces, tell their own story of nature: time erodes, sun bleaches, water carves rivets. The result is a natural harmony – the intended outcome of all MBS landscape and interior designs.

Horticulturally-driven biophilic design (inviting plants to the built environment) addresses the intrinsic desire for humans to coexist with nature – improving wellbeing, creativity and productivity. Plant selection and placement softens heavy industrial materials (corten, concrete and copper) for a striking indoor jungle aesthetic.

The impressive double storey vertical garden features a myriad of ferns, monstera and rhipsales. An established fiddle leaf fig and lady palm sit in oversized Atlantis pots; their leaves sway in the afternoon cross-breeze. True to our name, moss can be found in the vibrant moss wall bathroom, wall art pieces and even a coffee table.

Skylights naturally brighten the space during the day to keep our plants and people happy, while ambient lighting is strategically placed for evening soirees – assisted by an outdoor wood fire oven and kitchen for cocktail-making.

Our studio is open by appointment. Arrive, absorb, have a coffee (or something stronger) and a chat. Peruse our products – from Corten letterboxes to copper outdoor showers – and savour the atmosphere of our wilderness. We’d love to see you here.

Plant palette
Fiddle leaf fig (ficus lyrata)
Lady palm (rhapis excelsa)
Monstera (monstera deliciosa)
Hoya (hoya carnosa)
Rhipsales (rhipsales spp.)
Staghorn fern (platycerium spp.)
Maidenhair fern (adiantum aethiopicum)
Silver lady ferns (blechnum gibbum)
Walking iris (neomarica gracilis)
Tassel fern (huperzia squarrosa)

Material palette
Copper & recycled timber outdoor shower
Recycled railway sleepers
Recycled timber
Atlantis pots

Awarded 2022 Best of Houzz for Service

Better than we could have imagined

From the get go Jay was responsive and open minded about what we wanted to achieve. Our access was a massive issue which would have scared away a lot of other places but MB didn’t miss a step. We ended up with a beautiful native garden with gorgeous tree selections – better than we could have imagined and completed ahead of schedule. Jay is imaginative, a perfectionist and he has a great team of hard workers. Highly recommended!

- Will W
Our front yard is now the talk of the Estate

Jay and his team are artists or magicians, or both. We gave him a blank canvas and a few rough ideas of what we thought we wanted, and a budget, and boy did he deliver. Our front yard is now the talk of the Estate. We are extremely happy, can’t help but stop and admire his handiwork every time we leave the house.

- Darryl W
MBS transformed our garden into something we’re really proud of

We were thoroughly impressed with Jay and the job that the Moss Boss boys did for us. They transformed our front garden into something we’re really proud of. The whole process from the earliest concept chats with Jay, to drawings and plant choice through to the end product, was professional and efficient. Jay was flexible and friendly in his approach to design and budget.

- Sanhaines
Capable, highly skilled, professional and polite

Moss Boss Studios redesigned and created our front and backyard. We love it, the scale of the project was daunting but Laney was so great with the design and the team were so capable, highly skilled, professional and polite. Highly recommend!

- Mitch P
The quality of design blew me away

The quality of design and thought that went into the final creation blew me away. Jay is an artist with landscaping. He can put together the most beautiful arrangement of Rocks, Timbers, native plants and he even did a Billabong and waterfall (also ambient night lighting) The plants range in size and type to include delicate flowering plants. I can highly recommend Moss Boss Studios for landscaping. It will greatly increase the value of your home.

- Anon
Jay and his team are what you need

I think its rare to find a team of people that care as much about your project as you do. Well if that’s what you are looking for then Jay and his team are what you need. They delivered exactly on the vision we had in our heads, spot on advice the whole way through and nothing was too much trouble. Thanks Jay and the Team you are legends!

- David C
Friendly, reliable, polite, helpful and above all, hardworking

Moss Boss Studios was highly recommended to me for their quality of work and I was not disappointed. The team were friendly, reliable, polite, helpful and hardworking. Jay spent time on the plant selection, sourcing and getting the soil conditions and drainage right. Many neighbours and people walking past are envious of our new garden. I would recommend him to anyone for landscaping work. Thanks again for a great job!

- Tanya B-W
A positive and cheerful team made the project go smoothly

Jay and his team were knowledgeable and professional in designing and executing our project. We were able to discuss personal preferences and are very happy with the outcome. Jay was able to suggest suitable plants for our difficult conditions where we are at times blasted by sea winds. A positive and cheerful team made the project go smoothly. We are very happy with the result.

- Sandra S
We highly recommend Jay and his amazing team

We highly recommend Jay and his amazing team if you want your landscaping done right! All throughout the process, they were very professional, friendly, accommodating and creative (without blowing the budget!). What was particularly exciting was the evolution of the project from the original conception to a really great outcome, as finetuning occurred all the way through to a brilliant result. Well done to you Jay and your team!

- Jackie and Kevin
A joy to work with

Jay and his team were a joy to work with – extremely professional, courteous, on time and always running every element of the (sometimes evolving) design by me. Also – their clean-up after every day was faultless! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending these guys – there is nobody else around that has the passion, natural talent and skill set like Jay and his team at Moss Boss Studios.

- Donna M-B