To cultivate connections in a sustainable way between people and plant. From dwellings to botanical surrounds, we connect to Australia’s native, sacred, & ecological wonders.

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MBS Design & Build

From dwellings to botanical surrounds, we take cues from Australia’s native ecological wonders, cultivating sustainable relationships between people, plant, home and workplace.

The longevity of our landscapes is ensured through the robust systems interlacing our professional design and installation teams. We pride ourselves on being great listeners and enjoy finding unique ways to integrate client’s dreams into their landscape. When it comes to choice and placement of materials, we work with biophilic principles to re-energise you and your connection with nature as you move through your space. We also put in the extra hours digging each component in deep, giving a long established feeling often absent from new landscapes.


MBs install the softscaping and most of the hardscaping elements of our designs, using natural, permeable and sustainable materials. To honour said notions, our local knowledge of the environment must come into play. We ask ourselves questions like, what did this landscape look like before houses were here? What do the birds that visit this neighbourhood need? And what elements can actually contribute to this location?


The delivery and installation of our projects are important to us, which is why we allocate the highest quality materials and detailed specifications to each of our clients. A crucial part of our service is to empower the client to take care of the space once we are gone. This involves a one-on-one outlining of the seasonal shifts in pruning, watering and cleaning needs at the end of installation.


Some of our projects will require further detailed hardscape construction installations and in these cases we will connect you with our preferred construction teams whom we trust to deliver high quality and professional results.


Please see our installation guide for MBs installations. All other works will be partnered and contracted out.

Installation Guide

Excavations & Site Estabishment

Turfing, Planting Supply & Install

Interior & Exterior Greenwall Structures

Sandstone Block Walls

Moss Wall Structures

Boulder Features & Steps

Gravel Pathways

Decomposed Granite & Scoria

Corten Edging

Outdoor Showers

Garden Stepping Stones

Drainage management

Mature Tree Supply & install

Firepit Installation

Soil Amelioration

Letterbox Installation

Recycled Sleeper & Brick Garden Beds