— A Vitalising Street Presence and Backyard Oasis 2019

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Location: Awabakal Country, Catherine Hill Bay

MBS Right Arrow

Atelier Photography, Shutter Project Photography

Creative, interdisciplinary thinking transformed this Catherine Hill Bay property into a refreshing community statement

“A Cozy Partnership of Natives and Exotics”

An eclectic mix of exotic succulent and native planting blends the feeling of a tropical holiday with the property’s coastal New South Wales surroundings. Each plant chosen emulates the tropics while remaining tolerant to full sun conditions, salt spray and wind. Long-term, the required soil amelioration, excavation and drip irrigation will alleviate drainage issues, ensuring plants thrive in all conditions.


The restorative texture of zoysia grass mounds soften the hard materials found throughout the property, from the pool in the back, the granite boulder from Moruya (Jay’s childhood home) in the front, and the sculptural letterbox made from recycled railway sleepers with Corten detailing. Railway sleepers also feature as part of the back garden path, another textured feature reminiscent of the Catherine Hill Bay landscape.


Finally, to encourage community spirit and acknowledge the area’s fenceless history, the front of this property and its neighbour were merged via strategic planting and design, removing harsh boundary lines and clashing styles. A Moss Boss first and an instant neighbourhood favourite!

Plant Palette

Pandanus (panadanus tectorius)

Opuntia (opuntia ‘Burbank Spineless’)

Blue Jade (crassula ovata ‘Bluebird’)

No-mow Grass (zoysia tenuifolia)

Giant Bird of Paradise (strelitzia nicolai)

Native Redback Ginger (alpinia caerulea ‘Atherton’)

Teddy Bear Magnolia (Magnolia Grandiflora)

Material palette

Moruya granite boulders

Bluestone stepping pavers

Recycled railway sleepers


20ml river pebbles