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Jay, Owner and Founder

Jay Miers has spent his early adulthood as a chef in fine dining restaurants where his love for fresh plant produce flourished.

His creative outlet and expression led to market gardening and biodynamic farming on the far south coast NSW. Through plant production and his connection to earth, he developed his love for landscape design.


Incorporating the use of ornamental, feature planting and plants for nourishment he continues to feed his passions to share his vision with those around him. Through consistency, a love for gardens and networking to put MBS on the map, Jay has been lucky enough to correspond with many like-minded, passionate and talented individuals. Some of which are incorporated into his team now where a collection of botanical knowledge, design exposure and passion for creativity is held.


Lead Landscape Designer


Tim pursued a career in horticulture and design after his passion for permaculture spurred a deep appreciation for the lasting impacts good design has on people and the places they inhabit. He developed his aesthetic working alongside a prominent Melbourne designer and landscaper building Australian inspired Japanese gardens across the inner city market. His career eventually led him north, designing high-end residential gardens from Byron Bay to Brisbane, collaborating with established landscape architects in the area, before landing at Moss Boss Studios. His attention to detail, preference for natural materials and strong emphasis on planting arrangements bring a timeless and enduring quality that speaks to the architecture, the client and ensures each garden is unique and imbued with a sense of place.


Landscape Designer


Megan has had her hand in the green world since beginning her horticulture training in 2016, where she was surrounded by high end residential and rural softscaping. She then progressed her career when she began constructing and maintaining designer gardens around the Central Coast of NSW, where her species exposure grew tremendously. Her passion for plants and emerging love for design led her to Moss Boss Studios, where she thrives in creating beautiful spaces for people to integrate into their lives.