— A Biophilic Mood-Booster

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Location: Awabakal Country, Morisset

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Dwelling: Commercial

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Photography: Atelier Photography, Shan Rose Photography

This double storey plant wall fills one side of MBS warehouse, designed to boost mood, creativity and connection with nature.

“A warehouse turned

jungle oasis”

Humans were not designed to thrive outside of nature, or spend time within plain concrete walls under artificial light.


The importance of plants in the home and workspace is well documented. They improve creativity, productivity and air quality, not to mention creating a beautiful aesthetic. Vertical gardens or plant walls are a space-effective way to connect built structures (and the people within them) with nature.


This giant 8x11m example of biophilic design is built on a reo mesh frame and features an assortment of nine plant species, each placed for optimal sun, water and maintenance. Reaching for the skylights are sun-loving, low-maintenance monstera, hoya and rhipsales. The irrigation system soaks these plants at the top, and trickles down in drips and drops, catching in the moist-thriving ferns at the bottom.


The result? A warehouse turned jungle oasis. Cascading leaves, harmonious colours and textures work together to create a living work of art. High in benefits, low in maintenance, the vertical garden is our favourite addition to any workspace.

Plant Palette

Fiddle leaf fig (ficus lyrata)
Monstera (monstera deliciosa)
Hoya (hoya carnosa)
Rhipsales (rhipsales spp.)
Staghorn fern (platycerium spp.)
Maidenhair fern (adiantum aethiopicum)
Silver lady ferns (blechnum gibbum)
Walking iris (neomarica gracilis)
Tassel fern (huperzia squarrosa)

Material palette

Reo mesh
Recycled railway sleeper cladding